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Karpen, Elizabeth Headshot.jpeg


Elizabeth S. Karpen




Barnard College of Columbia University

Sept. 2018 - May 2022

Majors: Political Science; English with concentrations in Film and American Literature

GPA: 3.85/4

Honors: Dean’s List 2018-Present




New York Post — Digital Editor and Producer

May 2022 - Present

• Edit articles for for structure, clarity and AP style.
• Produce content to make it more dynamic media through the creation and implementation images, inserts and other digital media enhancements.
• Improve article's SEO through keywords and tags

New York Post - Digital Sports Intern

June 2021 - Sept. 2021
Dec. 2021 - May 2022

• Produced game recaps, podcasts, and features; cut photos and video footage for articles.
• Edited game recaps, and features for structure, style, and SEO.
• Pitched and wrote breaking news, game stories, features and web content for and the print edition.

Columbia Spectator - Managing Editor

Dec. 2020 - Dec. 2021

• Oversaw a staff of 250 journalists, photographers, illustrators, editors, and data reporters.
• Developed a training curriculum for staff about SEO, engagement, ethical journalism, and the proper language when writing about race or gender. • Top edited all articles the Spectator publishes or recirculates for structure and clarity.
• Reestablished Spectator’s social media team by creating a social media strategy and recruiting new staffers for the section.
• Curated Spectator’s journalism packages across all sections including Back to Campus, Black History Month, and Year in Review.
• Led the shift to cut out print production through developing shifts in social media, packaging, and multimedia strategies.

Columbia Spectator - Sports Editor

Dec. 2019 - Dec. 2020

Staff Writer — Sept. 2018 - Dec. 2018
Deputy Editor —Dec. 2018-Dec. 2019

• Revamped a training curriculum for associates, which increased article production by 40% and engagement by 155%. Edited staff writer pieces for structure, clarity and Spectator style.

• Managed and edited Spectator’s “A Decade in Athletics” and “The Season that Could have Been” series, guiding writers through publication.

• Developed a speaker series for sports staffers with journalists discussing podcasting, race in sports, blogging, and sports marketing.

• Grew the size of the sports staff by over 150%, maintaining a 100% retention rate of new and returning writers and becoming the most diverse section at Spectator in terms of race, gender and writers’ academic disciplines.

ThePostGame - Marketing Intern

Sept. 2020 - Dec. 2020

• Conducted research on clients’ social media platforms and targeted audience for products.
• Generated pitches for future advertisements, social media videos, and graphics for clients’ and ThePostGame’s social media.

• Wrote copy for social media posts based on upcoming sports events, clients we are promoting, and social causes.

Editorial Intern, Her Campus Media

May 2020 - Aug. 2020

National Contributing Writer—April 2020-Present
Senior Staff Writer; HC Columbia Barnard—Sept. 2018-Present
• Ideated with writers on how to better improve their writing and increase social media presence for articles.
• Wrote daily SEO, news, and feature-style articles and work with editors in the editing and publishing process.

• Updated old articles for content, proper SEO, and AP Style conventions.

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